Mars Touch Studio
Based in Marseille, France
Current release
Itchio PRE-ALPHA 04 (January 13, 2023)
GameJolt PRE-ALPHA 04 (January 13, 2023)
Steam DEMO (Q2 2023)
Final release date
Itchio (DEMO only) (Q2 2023)
GameJolt (DEMO only) (Q2 2023)
Steam (End of Q2 2023)
Itchio (DEMO only) ($0)
GameJolt (DEMO only) ($0)
Steam ($7.99)
Itchio (Windows 32 and 64 bits)
GameJolt (Windows 32 and 64 bits)
Steam (Windows 64 bits)
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About the game


In Underwater Diving, you are an underwater diver surrounded by aggressive fish and mines.
Collect the black corals to clean the idols.
Once all the idols have been cleaned, the exit will be free. But be careful, leaving a level is a one-way trip. So you have to be careful not to leave anything interesting behind either.
Explorers will be rewarded!
Collect energy bushes, which in addition to filling your energy gauge will increase its maximum. But above all find the precious red corals, the only way to increase the level of the diver and therefore all its characteristics.
If during the first levels you can and must both dodge and flee confrontations. You will have to become stronger to face the dangers and the immensity of the last levels. Labyrinthine levels that put your sense of direction to the test.

USP: The diver's energy represents both his life and his stamina, but also his oxygen.


  • USP: The diver's energy represents both his life and his stamina, but also his oxygen.
  • The diver will have to improve his characteristics to survive.
  • Face underwater creatures and their unique hunting strategies.
  • Explore and get lost in labyrinthine levels.
  • More than 50 achievements.
  • At least 4h to complete the game at 100%.

The DEMO contains Tutorial level + The first 4 levels.

Designer's notes

The estimated time to finish the game is the time it takes me to finish it 100%.
So it will take you at least twice as long.
For the content of my games, I always prioritize quality over quantity.

About releases

The game is at the PRE-ALPHA 04 stage.
A Steam version is planned for End of Q2 2023.

  • (DEMO only) Available for Windows 32 and 64 bits on Itchio and GameJolt.
  • Only available for Windows 64 bits on Steam.

Last updated on March 11, 2023



Red Fish THX
Small Mine THX


Main Menu
Main Menu - Continue/Restart
Your ENERGY is both you HP, your STAMINA and...
your OXYGEN, so you are constantly losing energy
Diver can RUSH for powerful ACCELERATION and ATTACK
WARNING, a RUSH costs energy!
To BRAKE underwater, you have to swim in the opposite direction
IDOLS are like LOCKS
Red corals are bonuses that improve your diver's characteristics
The blast from their explosion can throw you into other dangers
Stunned you will be at the mercy of carnivorous fish
Black corals are like keys
Leaving a level is a one way trip!
WARNING! Your energy state is kept between levels!
It is a very good source of energy
Minefields can produce chain reactions 1 on 3
Minefields can produce chain reactions 2 on 3
Minefields can produce chain reactions 3 on 3
Dartfish are ambush predators
Bloodfish hunt in groups
If a Bloodfish spots you, it will transmit your location to others 1 on 4
If a Bloodfish spots you, it will transmit your location to others 2 on 4
If a Bloodfish spots you, it will transmit your location to others 3 on 4
If a Bloodfish spots you, it will transmit your location to others 4 on 4
POWERFUL and TOUGH, it can PUSH you BACK violently!
Gameplay 1 on 4
Gameplay 2 on 4
Gameplay 3 on 4
Gameplay 4 on 4

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Team & Collaborators

Programmation & Game Design
Olivier Raveneau (MTS)
Pixel Art
Luis Zuno aka Ansimuz (Game Assets)
lukasfdahl (Country Flags)
SFX & Environmental Sound
Gamemaster Audio
Game Sound Solutions
Rocklynn Productions
Epic Stock Media
Brian MacIntosh aka BMacZero
Menu Music
Game Music
Credits Music


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