About the game

As the legend says: To own the scrolls is to own the shadow and to cheat death.


Ninja Scroller is an action runner, that is to say that we start from the constraints of a runner, then we add action game elements.

You have to collect the 100 Shadow Scrolls and defeat the Guardians, Ninjas and Wolves, within the time limit.

If an Attack hits you, there is a certain probability that you will automatically drop a Smoke Bomb, saving your life. The probability is proportional to the number of Scrolls collected. The Smoke Bomb costs a certain number of Scrolls depending on the difficulty level. You won't die by chance, but you can survive by chance.

What would be a good USP for an action oriented runner?
Stop running! It allows you to break the rhythm, catch your breath and analyze the situation.


  • If you lose it's always your fault.
  • Use intelligence, reflexes and stamina.
  • 7 levels of intense and epic difficulty.
  • More than 55 achievements.
  • At least 4h to complete the game at 100%.

The DEMO contains only the tutorial and the first level.
However, few of you will complete this level!

The first Steam player to complete 100% did so by:
24242 seconds or 6 hours 44 minutes and 2 seconds.
As for the other players, none have passed the third level :)

Designer's notes

The estimated time to finish the game is the time it takes me to finish it 100%.
So it will take you at least twice as long.
For the content of my games, I always prioritize quality over quantity.

About releases

Current releases:

  • STEAM 1.55.0 available for Windows 64-bit on Steam.
  • GOLD 1.50.0 available for Windows 64-bit on GameJolt and Itchio.
  • DEMO 1.50.0 available for Windows 64-bit on Steam, GameJolt and Itchio.

Last updated on May 14, 2023